Explorer 30 Course

The only way to become a better diver: diving.

5 dives of adventure, from night dive, deep dive to getting into the bowels of an American battleship.

Don’t you want to have full control of your buoyancy? Are you asking yourself how the color changes under 18 meters? If you already have your Open Water certification and you want to go further… This is your course! Come and do the Explorer 30 Course with us!

Course Price: 10.000 Baht


Explorer 30 Course in Koh Tao

Let’s learn more about diving in a fun way! You will also get better control of your buoyancy and breathing, learn how to navigate under the water, go down to 30 meters,  learn how to use a computer and you will live the breathtaking experience of diving at night! Those are our favorite, but you can also choose other adventures.


    Day one: 

    • 10:00  |  Conversation about the 5 adventures you have chosen.
    • 12:00  |  Two dives! First dive to improve your buoyancy and then we´ll help you understand where you are underwater with some navigation.

    Day two:

    • 07:00  |  We wake up early so we can do the computer and deep diving.

    And if you choose the night adventure (we strongly recommend this one), you would do one more dive at 5 pm the day that suits best.

    We are sure that after this course you will feel you have improved your diving skills and that you will want to continue diving or continue onto the Rescue course.

    The course includes

    • Complete diving equipment
    • Educational materials
    • Instructor
    • 5 dives in open water
    • Max. Depth of 30 metres
    • International Certification recognised worldwide at any dive center
    • Snacks on the boat


    10.000 baht



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