A new underwater challenge

Be part of something new,  Escape Reefs is a unique adaptation of a traditional Escape Room where the ocean is your room and the air in your tank is your time limit.

Our challenges will test your mental ability, your teamwork skills and improve your diving skills at the same time.

Navigate the courses and collect game pieces helping you to move on to the next section while communicating using your underwater slate.

Feel the buzz of your underwater metal detector when you come across some hidden treasure.  Find the most and climb the leaderboard to claim your prize.

Compete as an individual and work as part of a team to Escape the Reef.  Can you handle the pressure?


  • Meet at 9:30am at Sairee Petrol Station or La Bombona Diving in Mae Haad

  • Paperwork & Equipment Size Up

  • Game & Safety Briefing

  • Equipment Demo

  • – Escape the reef –

  • Prizes

Book in advance!

Escape Reefs

฿1900Per person
  • One dive
  • Breakfast
  • Prizes
  • Boat

Currently Running

Free Willy

Help!! Willy is trapped in an underwater cage with only 45 mins of breathing time left. Use your underwater search skills and mental prowess to solve the clues and find the combination to release Willy and send him to the surface. Split up in this game and meet back at willy’s cage. Use your metal detector to discover hidden clues. Don’t forget to collect more coins for extra points.

Escape Reefs EN 1
Escape Reefs EN 2
Escape Reefs EN 3