Thailand is a country good for your pocket.

Find here all the information so that from the time you land, you feel at home.
The basic unit of currency is the Thai Baht. There are coins of 1, 2, 5 and 10 Baht, and notes of 20 (green ), 50 ( blue ), 100 ( red), 500 ( purple ) and 1000 (beige ) Baht .

Money exchange

Banks offer the best rates on currency exchange.

Thailand is a cheap place to visit, thanks to advantageous exchange rates in foreign currency and the affordable living standards.

With a budget of approximately 600 to 700 Baht (about 15 euros) you can survive for a day, including basic maintenance (3 meals , accommodation and local transport), but excluding things like partying , organized tours or long distance transport.

For those traveling with an average expense budget you can spend between 1.500/2.000 Baht (about 40 euros) daily.

ATMs are the easiest way to get baht with a fixed fee of between 150/180 Baht (about 4 euros) per withdrawal.
Credit cards are accepted in big cities and in hotels, but not in family homes or family-run restaurants.


Tipping is not expected in Thailand, although it is always well received.
In many luxury hotels and restaurants, a surcharge of 10 % will be added to your bill for service charges.