Be cautious and enjoy!

Enjoy a safe holiday, here is all the information to travel safe.

Koh Tao, in Thailand is paradise and a wonderful country we recommend to visit but when we travel to some Asian countries we are exposed to certain health risks and we must take all precautions available to us to minimize them:

In Thailand there is no vaccine that is mandatory but is advisable to get some if you visit the country for a long time and if you’re going to visit some places that pose a higher risk (border areas without nearby cities or tourist areas).

To visit Asia it is generally advised to be vaccinated for typhoid, tetanus and hepatitis A and B.

The tetanus vaccine is recommended even in your home country, so it does not hurt to have it. It is recommended when travelling to areas with poor hygiene conditions.

If you have any questions it is always best to take the vaccine. The Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended the same way it is advised in countries like Spain.

Remember to avoid drinking tap water and if you plan to visit places of higher risk it is recommended to pay special attention about mosquitos, and to use mosquito protection , clothing that covers the entire body , mosquito nets to sleep under, and paying attention to the rising and setting sun .

As for malaria, there is usually no danger in major cities and tourist sites in Thailand.

Regarding yellow fever in Thailand: It is required to be vaccinated for this disease if you come from or have recently visited a country of high risk, to avoid infecting the locals.

Usually for short trips and, especially for those who will be visiting touristy places of interest, you are not advised to take any vaccine.

In general, hospitals in Thailand are good and you can always call a doctor at home in an emergency.