Diving Courses in Koh Tao


If your goal in Thailand is to go diving in the fabulous Koh Tao but you have no idea how to dive, we recommend that you continue reading as here we will give you tips to find the best diving course in Koh Tao. The courses are sorted by experience, click on each course to see prices and the whole course schedule.

Look at the prices of Koh Tao Diving courses in the best guide you will find about diving on the island!

What if we take the first step to become autonomous divers together?

The open water course gives you the opportunity to get your diver certification in three and a half days. By the hand of professional instructors you will get all training and experience that’s required. When you get your open water certificate you can dive up to 18 meters!

  • Complete diving equipment

  • 4 open water dives
  • Max. depth 18 meters
  • Snacks on the boat
  • Price 11,000 ฿

  • International certification
Curso Open Water Koh Tao
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Basic Diver Course

Have you ever wondered how it is to breath under the water? The Basic Diver Course gives you the opportunity to experience how it feels to breath through a regulator, making bubbles and discovering the amazing underwater world.

  • Complete diving equipment and education materials
  • 1 dive

  • 12 meters maximum depth
  • Second dive optional, only 1,000 baht
  • Snacks on the boat
  • Price 2,500 ฿

Bautismo de Buceo Koh Tao
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Scuba Skills Update

This course will give you the opportunity to remember all the necessary to continue you dive education, or to explore more of the underwater in Koh Tao. In the island we can find more than 30 dive points with an underwater life that will leave you speechless.

  • Complete diving equipment
  • Instructor/ Divemaster
  • 1 dive

  • Max. Depth according skills

  • Second optional dive, only 1,000 baht
  • Snacks on the boat
  • Price 1,500 ฿

Refresco de Buceo Koh Tao
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Don’t you want to have full control of your buoyancy? Are you asking yourself how the colors changes under 18 meters? If you already have your Open Water certification and you want to go further… This is your course! Come and do the Advanced Adventure course with us!

  • Complete diving equipment
  • Instructor
  • 5 dives in open water
  • Max. Depth of 30 metres
  • Snacks on the boat
  • Price 10,000 ฿

  • Worlwide certification

Curso Avanzado Koh Tao
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Rescue and First Aid

You will learn how to react in case of an emergency, how to help others, how to tune your senses to foresee possible complications, how to provide assistance to those who need it in and out of the water. You will learn, practice and enjoy all this and much more on this Rescue and First and Secondary Aid course. It is the last stepping stone before you are able to become a professional diver.

  • Complete diving equipment
  • 4 Open Water dives
  • Max. Depth of 30 meters
  • Snacks on the boat
  • Price First Aid: 4.000 ฿

  • Price Rescue 12.000 ฿

  • Worlwide Certification
Rescate y Primeros Auxilios Koh Tao
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At last you have decided to take a plunge into the dive master. At LBD – La Bombona Diving you will have 6 to 8 weeks’ tuition that you will never forget. Our instructors will share with you all the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to lead your dives yourself for certified divers.
Furthermore, since to become a Divemaster you need at least 40 dives, at La Bombona Diving – Cafe you will enjoy unlimited dives.

  • Instructors
  • Digital books and didactic materials
  • Open Water practices
  • Price 28.000 ฿

  • Worlwide certification
  • Max. Depth 40 meters

Curso DiveMaster Koh Tao
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