Enjoy visiting the most exclusive and secret corners to be able to say that you got lost in paradise!

And yes, use your head and be cautious so that an accident will not ruin your holiday.
Renting a bike anywhere in Thailand is common.

It is because it is the best way to see the islands, beaches and most secret corners.

Take precautions and look out for possible accidents.
Helmets are required by law, even though you will see many Thai driving without them.

Do not take risks and use one.

Some bike rental agencies are known for trying to charge excessive and exaggerated amounts for repairs in case of damage.

If it helps, we can recommend several trusted stores near our school for when you are with us.
What to do when renting a scooter:

1) Since there is no insurance for these bikes, you are asked to leave your passport as a warranty.

2) We recommend taking pictures and videos of the previous the state of the bike.

3) Make sure you understand how much each part costs in case of any damage.

4) In the unlikely event of an accident, be honest with the owner of the bike.

Other transportation options include hire bikes, taxi or simply walking.