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Founded in 2014, La Bombona Diving isn’t just a diving school; it’s a love story with the ocean. Join us as we share our journey, our team, and our passion for diving that’s as deep as the azure waters right in front of our beachside shop.

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Meet the team

Rocío García


Meet our high-heels-to-flip-flops convert business maestro and staff's nurturing mother! With two decades of experience, her expertise goes beyond the surface. Together with her daughter Olivia, this school is her beloved baby.

Bryan Roseman


The dynamic duo's other half and mischief manager at our school. After being an opera sensation and a silent disco pioneer he worked as instructor for 8 years. Now plays a behind-the-scenes role, but oh, the tales he could tell!

Kaw Ruangpet


From bookings to daily operations, she’s is the hero behind the scenes. She ensures your diving experience is seamless. Her favourite part of her job is meeting new people and helping them achieve their dreams.

John Plaskett

Instructor Trainer

After diving all over the world, our amazing instructor trainer found home in Koh Tao, where he’s now moulding the future stars of the dive industry. For him, nothing beats opening people’s eyes to a whole new world!



She took a radical turn in her life and move to Koh Tao where she soon became part of our family. From administrative tasks to taking care of our diving team, she’ll make sure that you enjoy your diving experience with us.

Ponxi Gil

Dive Master Trainer

Always with a smile on his face, Ponxi left his old life behind to become an instructor in Koh Tao. He’s currently teaching recreational divers, Divemasters and training Instructors hand in hand with John.

Brennan Wright


This Canadian instructor swapped frosty winters for the warm, tropical paradise of Koh Tao when he fell in love with scuba. For him, it's not just about diving; it's about creating lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the ocean.

Nico Corazza


Meet our aquaman from Argentina! After over 10 years in the corporate life he decided to travel the world for years until he found Koh Tao. For him, teaching scuba diving is like opening the door to a whole new fantastic world.

Sophie Buller

Dive Master

Our dive master is all about that feeling of flying when you dive, and loves the challenge of finding small sea life. On a personal mission to spot pipefishes, Sophie loves welcoming people to the wonderful underwater world.

Armand De Lange


The life of our South African instructor transformed when he decided to follow his love for the underwater world. He shares that same passion with his students, turning every dive into an adventure full of laughter.

Ernesto Jofre


He has taught in Chile, Mexico, Indonesia... but sooner or later he always comes back to Koh Tao. He thinks the best way to teach people the importance of preserving the ocean is helping them getting to know it.

Sara Fernández


Our bubbly instructor got a soft spot for funky nudibranchs! She takes on each dive with new energy, ensuring that every diver feels confident, and ready to feel the magic. With a deep love for the ocean, diving is Sara’s meditation.

James Christensen


Meet James, straight from the shores of the USA. He’s been in Koh Tao for more than 20 years, guiding eager divers through underwater wonders. This undisputed trivia champion is your go-to guy for movie recommendations!

Jelina Keller


Our in-house trained German Instructor started diving for the ability to switch off from reality. She loves showing her students this beautiful and mesmerizing underwater world. Especially when she can show them the little sweet puffer fishies.

Lander Lizarazu


Lander’s experience as a teacher provided him with great communication skills and enough patience to rival a saint. Whether you're a total newbie or just brushing up your skills, Lander ensures every lesson is smooth sailing.


Unofficial pet

Meet this professional side-sleeper who insists on joining every theory class. This four-legged sensation is addicted to pets and belly rubs. Lazy and lovable, Vaquita steals the hearts of everyone that comes to dive with us.


Discover our diving home

Imagine stepping out of our door and our oceanfront patio, a vibrant classroom where you will master dive theory with the soundtrack of waves as a background. As the day winds down, our patio becomes a front-row seat to one of Koh Tao’s amazing sunsets where divers gather to share stories meet other dive buddies or toast to the day’s achievements with their team. Ready to Dive into Sunset Bliss?

Your dive boat

Dive in comfort and style aboard our exclusive boat, whisking you away to Koh Tao’s best dive spots. Elevate your diving experience both below and above the surface, making memories that last a lifetime.


Our Boat

Dive in comfort and style aboard our exclusive boat, whisking you away to Koh Tao’s best dive spots. Elevate your diving experience both below and above the surface, making memories that last a lifetime.


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RAID: International excellence

Our certifications are your passport to dive anywhere in the world. Join the league of divers who’ve mastered the art of diving with La Bombona Diving and carry the RAID badge proudly.


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