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Absolutely! Our courses are designed with safety as the top priority. Our experienced instructors guide you through every step, ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning experience.

For your first dive, all necessary equipment is provided by us. Just come prepared with swimwear and a sense of adventure!.

The duration varies, but our Open Water Course typically takes 3 days. Our instructors work at your pace to ensure you feel confident and ready before certification.

While there are age limitations for certain courses, children as young as 10 can start with the Junior Open Water Diver course. Safety is our priority, and we tailor programs to suit different age groups.

While basic swimming skills are important, you don’t need to be an expert. Our instructors provide buoyancy control and water confidence training to ensure you feel comfortable in the underwater environment.

If you discover that the course isn’t aligning with your preferences midway, we’re flexible and can discuss options to ensure your experience suits your needs.

A medical questionnaire is typically required. If you answer “yes” to any medical history questions, a physician’s approval may be necessary. Safety is paramount, and we ensure all divers are physically fit for the underwater experience.

RAID certifications hold global recognition and acceptance. Upon completion of your course, your internationally recognized electronic certification will be issued.

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