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How to Get to Koh Tao from
Chiang Mai

By Rocío García

27th November 2019

Chiang Mai

The cultural capital of northern Thailand, boasts its own international airport, ranking as the country’s fourth most visited. For many travelers, Chiang Mai serves as the gateway to exploring the rich cultural tapestry of northern Thailand.

By plane

While direct flights from any point in the country to Koh Tao are unavailable due to the island’s lack of an airport, a viable option from Chiang Mai is the Chiang Mai – Koh Samui air connection. This direct flight bridges the gap between northern Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand, allowing travelers to catch a ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao. Upon arrival in Koh Samui, multiple ferry companies offer transfers to Koh Tao, with a journey duration of approximately two hours.

By ferry

Direct ferry connections between Chiang Mai and Koh Tao do not exist. However, travelers can fly to Koh Samui or Surat Thani from Chiang Mai and then take a ferry to Koh Tao. Similarly, Chumphon offers direct air connections with Chiang Mai, providing another route to reach Koh Tao via ferry.

By bus

Traveling by bus from Chiang Mai to Koh Tao is not advisable, as the only viable route involves passing through Bangkok from the northern region, adding unnecessary travel time and complexity to the journey.

In summary, while direct air or ferry routes from Chiang Mai to Koh Tao are unavailable, travelers can opt for air connections to Koh Samui or Surat Thani, or consider traveling via Chumphon, followed by a ferry ride to Koh Tao. Although bus travel isn’t recommended due to indirect routes, multiple transportation options ensure that travelers can tailor their journey to suit their preferences and schedules, ultimately arriving at the enchanting shores of Koh Tao ready to explore its beauty and charm.

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